our adventurous anniversary weekend getaway

Key Biscane, with no one in sight.

we celebrated twenty years of marriage this weekend (and will continue to do so until Friday, which is our official anniversary) by taking a somewhat last minute trip to somewhere we had never been before. 

unfortunately (or fortunately) that place was Miami and the day we arrived was the day Hurricane Dorian started looking like it would turn and directly impact Miami. 

(spoiler alert: in the end, it didn't. instead, it stalled over the Bahamas causing too much destruction before finally downgrading to a category 2 that is still looking to impact a bunch more coastal areas.)


hurricanes are unpredictable and we have first hand knowledge of this, however sometimes one just has to make a snap decision with the limited information one has. there were no available flights out of Miami before the hurricane was set to arrive. our rental car company waived drop off fees for changing our plans and so that's what we did. we drove north until we got somewhere that wasn't in danger of being impacted and we switched our flight. 

(I wouldn't say it was easy peasy, because we spent a significant amount of time on the phone, but it wasn't too difficult, either.)


and in the end, our adventurous and fun weekend continued. 

we had an entire beach almost entirely to ourselves in Key Biscane, that first (and basically only) day we were in Miami. 

we stayed at an airbnb with a view of river dolphins in the backyard! 

we had brunch in Savannah!

dolphin! way on the other side of this river, but still. dolphin!

and we shared our adventure, together. M did some of the annoying calling and I did some. he did all of the extra driving (it's better for his back for him to be the driver) and I took care of the airbnb/ hotel arrangements. 

in some ways it felt like being back in our year-long adventure, but in other ways it was very clearly different (and made us feel nostalgic for the year long adventure). 

we went for a 3k stroll on our day in Charlotte

but really it's ALL just part of this life we've created, together. adventurous and real. we don't give up when things get tough, we keep going, looking for different plans until we find what works. 

that's why this past twenty (five) years has been amazing. it's been *life* - good, bad and everything in between. 

I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine. 

heart stone I found at the first Airbnb we stayed at in Miami and left for the next guests to find.

creating and finding love and adventure. together. navigating the ebbs and flows of life. together. 


happy anniversary, beloved. 

(twenty years! how is it even possible? and yet, here we are. twenty years gone in the blink of an eye. twenty five years and two months since we met. still feels like yesterday. mmmm. yes.)