throwback thursday to our magical day at Three Castle Head

we only had four days in South West Ireland, but it was enough.

we only drove out to the coast one day, but it was enough.

we only saw a few castles, but they were enough.

we got to drive down a one lane road, while sheep and cows looked at us questioningly.

we got to hike out to the most remote and enchanting castle view.

we got to walk amongst a circle of stones, all to ourselves.

we found a hidden waterfall along a secret laneway.

we listened to the strangest mix of music on the radio.

we stopped for lunch and tea and I found a local yarn store with the nicest people.

we stopped where ever our fancy took us.

we made friends with random dogs.

we thought about what life would be on the edge of nowhere. (on the edge of everywhere.)

on the edge of everywhere.

connected to the world by the ocean and the mountains and the green, green trees.

and the clouds rolling in their constantly inconstant atlas in the sky above us all.

oh yes, yes. today I am remembering that magical day we spent wandering south west Ireland.