the obvious boundaries of being sick

I'm at the tail end (knock on wood) of an entire week being sick.

I miss hiking. So much. But not enough to try to go while I'm sick.

I know my limits. And I know that missing something doesn't make it good for me.

In the days before I got sick, I jumped into a bunch of projects. There were a few still unfinished, when I got sick, and I haven't looked at them since.

You might think being sick would be a good time to sew or knit, but it isn't, not for me.

I know my limits. And I know what seems like a good idea, but isn't.


I did manage to put away my clean laundry today, though. Being sick, I haven't gotten out of bed much and so there's not that much clothing to put away.

But not having a clean laundry pile makes a difference to my mental health, so I took the energy to put it away.

I know my limits. And I know when it's ok to push them, just a little.


And then I spent the rest of the afternoon in bed.

It's good to know my limits.