when my archives spark creative flow

when I'm sick, or feeling stuck, or spiraling down, making digital art on my iPad can help.

it's all about process. take a photo I've made earlier, turn it into something new.

easy. creative. fun. playful.

(it's something I do just for me! though sometimes kids like to join in and that can also be fun.)

digital creating fills me up, without a lot of extra noise/ overwhelm/ difficulty/ self-negativity.

(writing can feel overwhelming. especially when I forget that the ebb is part of my process.)

if I'm not too down, or actually sick, I'll end up being inspired by these art pieces to write or blog. and then they get shared. otherwise, they end up languishing (I love that word!) in the purgatory that is my Google photos.

(oy. I almost managed to organise Google photos before we went on sabbatical, but didn't. c'est la vie!!)

and never fear! there's no reason to worry for the poor lost art, because later, there might be a moment when I'm browsing through my archives and I find those pieces I made before and it lights a spark in me.

aha! I think. this is awesome!

and then I thank past-me (who was sick, or feeling down or had a few moments to play) for giving me the gift of inspiration.

 oh, yes: thank you. thank you. thank you.