anxiety and allergies in the time of covid-19

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Oh, it feels heavy right now, the collective mood in Northern NJ/ the USA/ North America/ most of the world. 

Many of my friends are anxious. hyper-vigilent. I am most definitely anxious and hypervigilant. 

(hypervigilance is a valid trauma response.) 

A lot of us feel, probably justifiably, like Cassandra right now, crying out to the people around us to "wake up, pay attention! Start practicing social distancing three weeks ago! Stay home now!"  But few people were listening to us and we were mostly talking to ourselves, the other people who already wash their hands during cold and flu season. 

(And those of us who were already hand-washers are going into hyperdrive with the hand-washing, which is causing our already dry skin to dry out further. I see you, my friends. Please take special care of yourself.) 

Thankfully, there seems to have been a seachange in the last few days. More people are starting to pay attention, including the powers that be in my area. Our grammar school is taking a half day tomorrow to prepare to go online, in the case it is needed.

(I was needed last week. But going online next week will have to suffice. :fingers crossed:)


I am in a privileged position to practice a lot of social distancing and I will continue to do so, because getting sick on top of having seasonal allergies would really suck.

And as an allergic asthmatic, I'm more likely at risk of complications from covid-19, when/ if I get it.

(I think it's a question of when, not if, considering none of us have any immunity to a novel virus, but I'm doing my best to stay healthy, using social distancing and hypervigilance.)

Anxiety is not great, somatically, for me, so I have also upped my radical self-care measures. 

(Thank you, me of the last eight months, for practicing self care so intensely.)

(Oh, thank you.)


Spring is starting to spring where I am. And that means my seasonal allergies have begun.

Itchy eyes are one of my biggest allergy symptoms, especially with the early season tree pollens. Thankfully itchy eyes are NOT a Covid-19 symptom. And my allergic asthma responds well to antihistamines. (Thank you, discoverer and creators of antihistamines!)

Spring is both my favorite time of year (because I love flowers) and my least favorite time of year (because of allergies). This has been true as long as I can remember, and remains true.

My love of flowering trees definitely outweighs the discomforts of allergies. Except when I feel like clawing my eyes out of my head because they itch so much! Or I can't breathe very well.

Still, sakura. Oh, sakura. I love you so.

(Oh, the pink rain.)

I noticed while I was grocery shopping this week that other people don't seem to know that sneezing is an allergic symptom, not a Covid-19 symptom. Luckily, no one harassed me. But I did get some odd looks.

(Please practice good social hygiene, covering coughs and sneezes. I have a lot of practice doing this, but if you aren't an allergic asthmatic you might not, so start practicing now!)