liberation(ing): the right tool for the job

this weekend, I got a free 2008 iMac!

it may not be quite as nostalgically cute as the 90s era iMacs (we had a purple one, because of course we did), but it runs a lot faster and it's plenty cute in a very retro, bezel heavy way.

now that I'm looking at the second draft of my grief-book, I really wanted a desktop space that is writing intensive ready.

(laptops are fine for blogging, but I don't want to spend hours writing on a laptop keyboard.)

and I missed having a Mac. my iPad pro is a beast, but again, not the best to type on for long amounts of time.

enter, this new (to me) iMac.

(I had actually been looking at a bunch of options, including a chrome box and the mac mini. our friend happened to have an iMac she wanted to get rid of, so it worked out perfectly!)

at first, I set it up in our bedroom, thinking the standing desk height table I have been using as a nightstand (essentially) would be a great location, but I didn't actually like it there at all. too tempting as I was falling asleep, it made me want to get up and write!

(I love to write at night. oh, I managed to get myself into a morning writing routine for a long time, but it is not my natural style at all. I am a night owl.)

(and in the bedroom, I definitely am limited in my working hours, because M goes to sleep much earlier than I do. out in the living room, I can work at any time.)

so today I moved the iMac to the living room, to my favorite corner.

(I put it on a nightstand that had been in R's room that he wasn't really using.)

it's not a perfect solution yet. I need to get a riser or a desk that's actually the correct height for me to stand at. right now, standing seems to be how I want to write. that might change if I do another writing intensive, but I'll stay flexible with my options.

oh, it is awesome having a desktop again.

(I'm writing these words on it, in fact!)

awesome tools are awesome.