staying home to flatten the curve: our family style

droids make good stay at home buddies

we are staying home to help flatten the curve.

(we're now in week two; this is basically a recap of week one.)

staying home is fairly similar to the routines we followed during our year-long journey last year, minus interview days and social interactions and going to new places/ adventures. also not going to the movies, or theme parks, or museums etc. but also - and this is especially important from a stress-reduction pov - not having to find a new place to stay every week or so!

(it's the little things.)

we've got this:

* school and work/ writing in the morning. zoom meetings/ google hangouts. playing games in the afternoon. getting our movement on in whatever time works best for each of us individually.

* yoga/ fitness videos on YouTube, spontaneous dance parties, jogwalking around the house, hiking.

* listening to music on headsets, or all together on speakers (film scores are a great soundtrack for DND campaigns!). playing music, mostly individually, but sometimes we jam together.

(we didn't have any of our instruments during our travels, so this is a huge improvement.)

* watching movies and comfort TV shows on streaming.

this week we're also adding in getting groceries delivered because I figured out the secret of getting a delivery window on Prime Now (have everything in your cart and checkout at midnight). next up, I might try Instacart. (Peapod in my area seems to have no delivery times, no matter what tricks I use.)

the weather is starting to turn consistently warm (though we're just coming out of another cold spell), so I'm thinking about starting a container garden on our porch. I might still have some seeds, but I'll need new pots and dirt.

we're settling in for what may be a long haul.

I can't even begin to predict how long this will last. I am more worried about an early end to isolation and the corresponding spike in hospitalizations than I am about the effects of our being isolated. this is in part because of my asthma - I'm aware of just how bad pneumonia can be - but also that we are very lucky. my husband's university switched to fully online last week and can continue that way as long as necessary.

it isn't easy, but we'll slowly find our new normal, together.